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Your forecasts are guides: You�ll find out when to focus on business, to plan a successful party and to pay special attention to nurturing relationships � among other things. When calculating your numbers, my forecasts consider underlying psychological challenges to your timing � and, prioritizing�knowing when to change and what to change. Your forecasts show you how to break non-productive habits � even tell you when to shop for bargains. Give me your birth date and I�ll help you plan for success.

To order your Personal Day-By-Day, seventy word, in-depth forecast including the overview for each month, select the birthday, check the months on the purchase form and click the Buy Now button. Your personal daily readings will be sent immediately to your email account.

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Check out a sample daily forecast: You're just beginning to understand what you want and what you want is not necessarily what you need. Subtlety and tact are required to get the things you need. Don't take offhand comments personally; you'll maintain friendly relationships and get what you want. Choose to listen and absorb, rather than speak. When having discussions, be modest and ignore negatives or gossip. Today's vibes do not support egocentricity or aggressive activity.

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Ellin Dodge

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