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How My books Came To Be...  books originally were the outgrowth of the times I thought, "this numerology stuff isn't logical and yet, it does make sense" So, YOU ARE YOUR FIRST NAME became a mass market title after "A Game of Self Analysis " with Carole Schuler and "Understand 1983 " - a book that didn't stay on the Samuel Weiser, Publishers lists and apparently nobody understood.

When it was impossible to calculate a complete personality chart while juggling a Martini at a cocktail party, (I think I used to get invited for entertainment value) I started cocktail-party-interpreting with a first name, in the same way I constructed a full birth name and it worked. I wrote YOU ARE YOUR FIRST NAME , it was published by Simon & Schuster, Pocketbooks in 1980, stayed on the publisher's list for over fifteen years and is now published by iUniverse-Barnes & Noble - and, best of all, I keep getting invited to parties.

I get my best ideas from Cocktail parties, I guess...everyone wanted to know how their life was going to work out and my publishers, Simon & Schuster, thought it was a good idea so, YOU ARE YOUR BIRTHDAY - a lifetime prediction for every birthday - came out and is still about in English and Japanese.

Then, my editor got into lottery numbers...wanted to know her winners - WIN THE LOTTERY! was born and published in the USA. It was published in Great Britain too and was featured in The London Mirror Group newspapers for six months while the Brits introduced and began their National lottery in 1994. It's still selling in Brazil among others of my books published in Portuguese.

A few years after, I decided to bring my belief that the personality's psychological obsessive and compulsive tendencies - Numerology's Challenges - were the key to understanding why predictions didn't always work out. NUMEROLOGY HAS YOUR NUMBER is an in depth study of how to identify why you may say, " the devil made me do it " and although Destiny gives us the opportunity - we often make the wrong choices for emotional reasons - not using the intellect for decision making. NUMEROLOGY HAS YOUR NUMBER published in 1988, is now a classic and the basic primer for Challenge interpretation and understanding of root causes.

Years passed - busy teaching classes, cruise ship lectures, radio and TV appearances, clients and of course, parties. And, I loved and nurtured my Yorkshire Terriers, Fred and Sammy, for over twenty-two years and now I adore my new, young Miniature Schnauzer, fact, I love all pets. So, FROM ACE TO ZUMMO - "How to Name Your Cat or Dog to Fit Into Your Lifestyle and With Your Personality" was a natural for my fifth Simon & Schuster book in 2002. It's a dictionary of pet names (like YOU ARE YOUR FIRST NAME), gives suggestions for colors, toys and breeds and has in-depth information that allows you to interpret the pet personality associated with any name that isn't in the dictionary. You'll love the fun of reading your pet's thoughts and their opinions about you. Now, I love writing the Daily Blog and hope you'll keep up with current events as seen through my eyes and numerology. I am approachable and available to answer questions that relate to Pythagorean Numerology and my books. Please contact me on the Contact Ellin Dodge page, make a Blog comment or write my publishers...most of all let's keep in touch.


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Numerology Has Your Number

Here is a crystal clear reference guide to the science and art of numerology, including each number's corresponding color, flower, musical note and instrument , food, gem, crystal, city, state, planet compatible and incompatible numbers. Click here to order.   top


"Whether by means of numerology or by virtueof her powers of intuition, Ellin Dodge has remarkable insights. Her book is delightful." -Mildred Newman, psychologist and coauthor of How to Be Your Own Best Friend

"As delineated by Ellin Dodge, numerology is certainly most useful for ordering one's thoughts. A fascinating book." -David Mamet, Pultzer Prize-winning playwright


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You Are Your First Name

YOU ARE YOUR FIRST NAME provides the first easy to use dictionary of over 1,000 names, with detailed, insightful personality profiles, so we can do our own readings quickly and accurately. We can size up anyone in seconds, handle personality conflicts, gain the upper hand in business dealings and anticipate the outcome of any social exchange.

What a great gift for expectant parents. Or if changing jobs, check the boss out. We learn the total value of the letters in our first name, and the last letter of our first name has the real significance as well -- it indicates personality extremes and over-reactive tendencies. There are a lot of skeptics at the General Office--but they are closet skeptics as it turns out--everyone was clamoring for my manuscript to check out their own first name! I spoke with Ellin Dodge in New York this past week-- she is articulate, blessed with the gift of gab! -- and will do well on media -- Plus she is convincing." Click here to order   top


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Win the Lottery

Play the lottery with your personal numbers plus the number of the date the lottery is drawn to attract good fortune. To play a six number lottery, use your first name and birthday numbers. And combine them with the numbers the day the lottery is played. Well, You'll find all about that when you read WIN THE LOTTERY. Click here to order   top




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You Are Your Birthday

Is it coincidental that the number of a day of birth is personally revealing? Not to a numerologist. YOU ARE YOUR BIRTHDAY explains your options, as seen through the eyes of numerology. This book was written in the hope that you will note the similarities in the lives of people who are born on the same day. Click here to order   top




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From Ace To Zummo

ACE to ZUMMO, a dictionary of over 2,500 numerologically based names - and their personality descriptions - helps you find the best name to suit your cat or dog and it's breed - mixed or pure breed!

  • You choose the names that are compatible with your needs and personality!
  • Discover the best collar and accessory colors for your pet.
  • Know the energy level resonated by a pet name and if it is compatible with children.
  • Shop for toys knowing which ones will become their favorites.

From Ace to Zummo reveals your pets deepest thoughts about you, their day-to-day preferences and your pet's wackiest quirks. You will be amazed! Click here to order   top

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